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We as a reputable name in household consumables has over the years developed our capacity to diversify into providing other service which include Supplies And Delivery; Importation of Goods; LPO And Contracts Execution; Factory Production Lines; Third Party Syndicate; Retail And Wholesales.

Our experiences has made us to understand quickily the needs of our clients and respond adequately to satisfy them. This we do with the understanding patronage and growth of business displaying the character required to deliver the expectations of our clients.

Supplies And Delivery
We use ground breaking Supply And Demand Chain Process to achieve our yearly target of Supplies to our customers. Click below to view our featured products.

Importation of Goods
Chris Best WA Ltd is committed to providing import service vis a vis clearing of goods. Our committement targets customers requests with satisfied.
LPO And Contracts Execution
As an active player in the Nigerian Business Sector, We undertake bidding of Public and Private contracts as well as take over already awarded contracts.
Factory Production
In Factory Production, Chris Best WA Ltd has an arm in household products production. The company has at least one factory which is involved in tissue production. The on-going factory production line has plastics as one of the aspects yet to be completed
Third Party Syndicate
As a third party syndicate, we fascilitate businesses where we are not the direct beneficiary. We undertake job under sub contracted arrangement to execute a particular project as well as use our high level business relationships to build more businesses

Retail And Wholesale
Chris Best WA Ltd is a power house in the retail and wholesale businesses. The Company has shops in many cities in Nigeria. These shops deal on agro-allied products, computers and electronics, mobile and smart phone, office equipment, Commercial kitchen equipment etc.