Company Information

ChrisBest is a household name in corporate and international business, commerce and industry market spectrum if the Nigerian business climate. It has grown from a single company into a group of companies with diversities of various product and services. The conglomerate which started in 1970's was a baby child of Chief Alfred Ijeoma who built the company to what it today.

The Company has positioned itself for the future in commerce by diversifying into importation of goods and provision of essential and professional services.
ChrisBest West Africa Ltd, as it has always been known has the following sister companies:

a. Ijefine Motors Ltd - This company is a power house in sales and supplies of variuos types of vehicles. It has arrays of various vehicles within its fleet of business. These includes brand new branded vehicles which includes: Japanese brand of cars, American brands of cars, German brand of cars etc, Trucks and Long Trucks etc.

b. Chrisons Nigeria Ltd - This company is a professional service brand of the consortium. The company deals with provition of civil engineering services, electrical engineering services, building and construction IT Services etc.

Our Values
ChrisBest WA Ltd believes in the sanctity of the Human system, preservation of our core values and fostering of our collective economic growth through hardwork, honesty, and selflessness.

We believe in providing quality products and services for our customers and clients.
Customer Service
We hold our customers and clients in very high esteem and regard. Our survival and growth depends entirely on them.
Therefore, Chris Best WA Ltd customer service policy is to treat evey customer like the only customer of our business.
Award Winning
Chris Best WA Ltd has won several awards from different product manufacturers and Company representatives. We achieved all these through hardwork, honesty and dedication to our service to the public.
Global Reach
We are committed to growing beyond our local environments therefore we are building a company that will continue to replicate into other branches as we expand to cover as much as we can reach.
We are available weekdays including saturdays. We can receive special orders from our clients over the phone as we continue to provide service to them.
Our Commitment
We are committed to providing excellent services to our customers with a view to meeting customers satisfaction. Chris Best WA Ltd is poised to delivering the expectations of our customers to any level bearing in mind our business policies.